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    IRST floppy install


      I'm finding these IRST related issues very frustrating and perplexing. I've updated IRST to 10.8 but then I look at the floppy driver instructions and I swear it was written by aliens.


      For example, the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology F6 Driver Diskettes page contains so much conflicting information regarding the applicability of this driver to Windows Vista that I can't tell heads from tails or down from up. The Operating Systems info states that its applicable for Windows Vista yet the Purpose paragraph then states that it is not applicable for Windows Vista. Well???? Either it is or it isn't. We all know binary; it's 1 or it's 0. It can't be both. This info is then immediately followed by the driver files which go back to stating that they apply to Windows Vista again. WTH?


      If I already have Vista running RAID, do I need to update the BIOS level IRST driver? If so, How? Please do not point to the readme file that accompanies the floppy driver because that is ANYTHING but clear.


      Next, and this is very important because the floppy drivers seem to indicate an incompatibility by the nature of their naming, how do I run a multi-boot system with both Win XP 32 and Win Vista 64 given that the drivers appear to be different?


      I ask because I'm trying to discover why my system goes into frequent rebuild and why I have one of 4 Raid drives die every 3rd month.


      Thank you