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    Sound issues (random glitches/pops) after installing Intel RST


      Hi all,


      I've recently upgraded my computer's motherboard/cpu and memory. I decided to do a fresh Win7 x64 install. I was just finished installing the essentials: Windowsupdate's, Drivers, Security Essentials, Media Player Classic, Winrar, etc, when i noticed the sound skipping from time to time during audio/video playback. It's sounds like a 200-300ms digital distortion / pop. It occurs quite randomly, varying between once every 30 seconds to once every couple of minutes. The source doesnt seem to matter (youtube, mediaplayer or during gaming even)


      I tried to fix this by:

      - Changing PCI-e slot of the soundcard

      - Rollback to a previous sounddriver
      - Disable all not essential devices in the bios (Audio, USB3 controler, Asus Epu/Etu, etc.)

      - install latest BIOS from Asus

      - install latest firmware for my SSD


      Nothing helped, so I decided to install Win7 again and see if the problem occured right from the start. Turns out it didn't. After the timeconsuming proces of making backups and installing different components and listening to music to check for glitches i narrowed it down to the Intel RST. Now the sata controller is set to AHCI mode and works just fine with standard Microsoft AHCI driver (alltough not all my SSD's features are supported by msahci). I'm wondering if there's a solution to this problem. Are there any specific settings in the Intel RST driver that could be related to this problem?


      Some additional information about my setup:


      Cpu: Intel I5 2500k

      Mb: Asus P8P67 3.1 rev

      Memory: 2x4 GB Corsair Vengeance CL9

      Gfx: Sapphire/Ati Radeon HD6870

      Soundcard: Creative X-Fi Titanium HD


      Primairy Harddrive:128GB Crucial C300 RealSSD (latest firmware, 0007)

      Sec. Harddrives: 2x 500GB Samsumg Spinpoint F1


      Thanks for reading!

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          We have been tested Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology 10.1, 10.6 and 1.08 and no similar issues have been seen or reported.


          There might be a compatibility problem between this controller driver and the driver of the sound card you have installed or an isolated issue with your system configuration.


          If you would like to try a previous version of Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology, they are available on the following site:




          Also be sure to be using all latest patches for the media players being used and latest codecs.


          From our side we suggest you to test using another brand and model of  sound card, try using the onboard audio controller of the motherboard  too, and check with your motherboard manufacturer for any reports of a  similar issues on their products.

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            Hello Diego_Intel,


            we are experiencing exactly the same issues with RST on our HP 8760w Elitebook.


            In fact, it does not only affect the sound system, but also:


            - Random mouse pointer movements (all applications)

            - Random cursor relocations/misplacements, mostly in text editors

            - Typed characters are missed randomly


            This is clearly related with RST. We've confirmed this after several clean OS installs on fresh HDs.

            Using regular AHCI disk access causes no problem, but activating RAID in BIOS, combined with RST, clearly causes these problems.


            Thanks for any help.


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              I suggest you to test using the drivers provided directly by your Original Equipment Manufacturer and confirm if the issue persist with their customized drivers.


              If so, then check directly with them to see if the issue is reproducible from their side.

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                Hi Diego_Intel,


                thanks for your swift response!


                However, obviously we initially detected these issues with the drivers provided directly by our Original Equipment Manufacturer (HP) - Windows 7 came preinstalled with them.


                Only AFTER detecting these issues with the OEM-provided drivers we performed a fresh install of Windows 7 on a separate harddisk, this time using your latest version of RST (


                Since the problem still persists, in our opinion HP is not really responsible for it.


                In the meantime, we've seen numerous websites reporting similar problems with RST.


                What can we do now?

                Is there any technical information you need to further investigate this issue?

                We bought an expensive HP Elitebook just for its RAID capabilities, and we're now stuck without this essential feature.


                Many thanks,


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                  The fact that this even occurs with the Original Equipment Manufacturer driver with the operating system that came pre-installed on your system, indicates that this should be easily reproducible and should have been already detected by your Original Equipment Manufacturer during their test on the computer they sell.


                  In that case you should forward this concern directly to your Original Equipment Manufacturer so they can verify this issue on their system and they should be in contact with us directly if applicable.

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                    the problem was caused by the HP Power Assistant software!

                    The sound glitches and periodic distortions disappeared immediately after uninstalling this software.


                    Turns out you were right, Diego_Intel!

                    Thanks again for your responsiveness :-)