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    MSR_PKG_RAPL_PERF_STATUS availability?


      I'm writing a driver for the RAPL MSRs and have come across the following in the documentation:


      "MSR_PKG_RAPL_PERF_STATUS can report performance impact of power limiting, but its availability may be model-specific."

      [pg 14-30, v3B, Oct. 2011]



      1)  This is listed as MSR_PKG_PERF_STATUS in table 34-10 [pg 34-158 v3C Oct. 2011].  Please fix.


      2)  I'm getting an I/O error when trying to read this MSR (0x613).  The rest of the PKG MSRs are fine, so I'm guessing this is confirmation that MSR_PKG_PERF_STATUS isn't available on my dev machine [family=6, model=42, stepping=7].


      3)  I'm targetting this driver for the Xeon version of Sandy Bridge.  I think I heard that we're getting the C revision.  Will it be available there?  Does anyone have a chart showing which steppings have this enabled?


      RTFM is a welcome answer so long as a pointer is given to which FM I should R.




      Barry Rountree