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    Best Method of Integration of vPro in My Enviroment


      Good Afternoon -


      I'm wanting to start using vPro in my enviroment.  After doing research and trying different apps for the past couple of hours, I'm kinda stuck and need some assistance.


      What I'm Trying to Do

      The company I work for has 4 major sites across the globe with about 500 users at each.  The majority of the laptops & workstations deployed at these locations are Lenovos - most which have support for vPro (seemingly).  None of these computer, however, have ever been configured for vPro.  Also, I am the SCCM administrator for our company and have integrated it from scratch over the past 14 months.  It currently controls many aspects including software deployment, operating system deployment, and updates - I'd like to add vPro to that list.  I'd think that remote desktop would be the #1 feature wanted.


      Where to Start?

      Given the above scenario, what's the best way to get up and running with all of these client?  I've already downloaded and tried some programs, but must be missing a couple of things.  I tried out the ACUWizard and created a profile, but can't get any further than that as I don't have RCS installed on any of my machines.  Is this stuff even needed?  I don't plan on using all the featues if so. 


      I guess the first step would be how do I deploy the RCS service?  I tried locating an MSI to deploy with SCCM, burt couldn't find anything.


      Your help would be greatly appreciated - Thanks!  Ben