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    LGA775 vs PLGA775


      Hi Guys,


      I have a DC5700 at home and I'd like to upgrade it's CPU so I could utilize it as an ESXi server

      I tought that I could simply upgrade its Memory and CPU and I'll be good


      I'looked through Intel's web site to find a compatible CPU that was still available on the market. And I tought I've found it...

      It's and E6600. If I look at the motherboard's HCL, this CPU should be compatible...


      compatible CPU :



      So I went to my local store and bought an E6600 CPU !!

      This is the CPU I've bought



      without knowing that there was different versions of the same CPU, I unpacked it and installed it !

      And nothing..........



      Now I've realize that my motherboard socket is a PLGA775 and the CPU I've bought is a LGA775 compatible


      So here is my Q


      Is there anyway to make this LGA775 compatible work with my PLGA775 socket ?


      Thanks !



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          Please keep in mind that the Intel Pentium®  Processor E6600 is not the same one as the Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor E6600.

          Those two processors are from different families, so even when they are from same socket (LGA775 and PLGA775), they are not compatible with the same motherboards. So you need to check with the motherboard manufacturer for a list of fully compatible processors, if the Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor E6600 is compatible with your motherboard, then I would suggest contacting the place of purchase so they can exchange the Intel Pentium® processor E6600 with the Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor E6600 so it will work just fine.

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            Thank you Adolfo for your Answer, but this morning I've upgraded my motherboard's microcode to version 1.06 rev. A with the SOFTPAQ NUMBER: SP51243 from HP. And now I can use this new E6600 CPU.


            One of the enhancements offered by this update is the ability to support processors with different IDs



            - Updates the Intel Processor microcode for processors having CPU IDs 6F6, 6F2, 6FD, 10676, and 1067A.
            The CPU that I have bought as a CPU ID of  1067A, yé !


            Now another question comes into my mind and maybe can you provide my the answer to it.

            I can understand why they don't have the same CPU frequency (one was released in 2006 and they other in 2010)


            But why, one is labeled as a Intel Pentium and the other as an Intel Core 2 Duo.... They both have 2 cores ....

            Aren't they supposed to be identical ? They both have the same processor number (E6600) ...


            They support the same technologies...

            The only differences I can see is the CPU frequency and Cache Size AND now socket type ...




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              Even when they have the same model number (E6600), they are from different processor families.

              One is from the Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor family and the other is from the Pentium® Processor family, so that means that they are designed for different market segments.