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    Intel DP67BG MOBO stops during post                                                    .


      During boot the post stops and the LED show error E7 (waiting for user input). I hit the enter key  and the post continues successfully. I feel sure the problem is with an erroneous reading of the processor fan speed, but don't know how to correct it. Once the computer finishes booting there is an error message from Intel Desktop Utilities that the processor fan is not running. It is running. I have not tried changing the fan speed or temperature in the BIOS since I'm not sure exactly what should be changed.


      This error occurs when the temperature in the room is ~68 degrees when the fan would be running slower.  I guess I have to make changes in the BIOS fan settings concerning temperature (?) and hope someone can help me out.  I've done a search and found one post dealing with a similar problem that explains how to correct it, bnut I must be dense since the solution didn't seem clear to me.


      Thanks for any forthcoming assistance.