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    Contact info for correcting typographical errors?


      As the Pin maintainers are well aware I tend to notice the occasional typographical error in the technical documentation.  I'm doing a close reading of a few chapters of the Oct. 2011 edition of volume 3B and have found a handful that are worth correcting.


      Where should these corrections be sent?


      As an example:


      "Time Window for Power Limit #2 (bits 55:49): Indicates the length of time

      window over which the power limit #2 The numeric value encoded by bits 23:17
      is represented by the product of 2^Y *F; where F is a single-digit decimal
      floating-point value between 1.0 and 1.3 with the fraction digit represented by
      bits 23:22, Y is an unsigned integer represented by bits 21:17. The unit of this
      field is specified by the “Time Units” field of MSR_RAPL_POWER_UNIT. This field
      may have a hard-coded value in hardware and ignores values written by
      software."  [Vol. 3B, 14-32]
      23:22 -> 55:54
      21:17 -> 53:49
      [I think these are correct --- it's a simple cut 'n' paste error from the #1 case.]