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    Question about Core2Duo

      I just bought a laptop that has a Core2Duo T5800 processor @ 2.00 ghz.  Does this mean that I have two processors at 1ghz apiece, totalling 2ghz, or does it mean that each processor has 2ghz, totalling 4ghz?

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          Core2Duo are dual-core processors, which are a single, physical processor with more than one processing core.  You don't have 2 physical processors with a dual core processor.  You have a single physical processor with 2 cores.  The single physical processor runs at 2.00Ghz and shares the processing load between the 2 cores.  The 2 cores do not run at different speeds nor is the speed "split" between them.

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            Javed Lodhi

            Core2Duo with 2GHz means, you have a single processor with 2 physical processing cores and it also does not mean that either of the core is of 1GHz giving a cumulative performance of 2GHz. Each core is separate but in terms of performance, each core is presumed to be operating at an individual frequency of 2GHz each and as one core is busy processing threads, the second one will go idle but as soon as the second core is required, it will become active sharing the load with the first core.

            The Intel dual-core processor consists of two complete execution cores in one physical processor. Imagine that a dual-core processor is like a four-lane highway—it can handle up to twice as many cars as a two-lane road without making each car drive twice as fast.

            Similarly, with an Intel dual-core processor, you can do more at once than ever before, without slowing down:

            • Boost multitasking power with improved performance for highly multithreaded and compute-intensive applications
            • Reduce costs and use less power with energy-efficient Intel dual-core processors built on Intel® Core™ microarchitecture
            • Enjoy flexibility and the performance to handle robust content creation or intense gaming with multimedia-enabling technologies built in.

            [Ref: intel.com]


            Video demonstration of Core2Duo: http://software.intel.com/en-us/videos/core2duo-overview

            Video demonstration of Core Microarchitecture: http://www.intel.com/technology/architecture/coremicro/demo/demo.htm?iid=tech_core+demo


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