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    S3200SH died when swapping x3085 with x3380?


      Hi folks, I decided to install the fastest processor supported by the board this weekend. What I thought would be a simple CPU swap turned into a complete nightmare. After installing the new CPU, the system would not power on (no fans). The amber alert indicator came on (Intel SC5299 case). I recently upgaded the FW so I don't think that should have been an issue. I installed the old CPU & nothing...


      I spent hours removing cards, memory, swapping processors and also tried clearing the CMOS. I was about to give up when suddenly the display came on though I could not enter setup & the machine powered off with the message 'no boot device'.


      This morning I tried putting the BIOS in recovery mode & the BMC into forced update mode all to no avail. No display again, no beeps, although it did beep once with a high-low, high-low.


      With the x3085 installed, all of the diagnostic LEDs are amber/red (both yellow & green lit) - of which there is no explanation of that code.


      With the x3380 installed LEDs are off.


      No video either way, but the fans do power on.


      About ready to through this PoS out the window, but thought I'd at least see if I could solicit some feedback. I do not see how I can do a BIOS recovery with no video.


      Stuck in hell at the moment.