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    DP43TF: No boot, no post, no BIOS and abnormal Fan speed.


      Hello everyone.

      I am facing a very weird problem since last week. I was using my computer normally on the tuesday. None RAM consuming programs been running, only SO (Windows 7 x64 SP1, all up-to-date), Avast antivirus and Messenger when out of blue my PC fade to black. Nothing happend with the grid, my SPS don't even blinked/beeped. Just powered off, like pull the power cord. The computer then can not boot anymore and not only that, there's nothing. No boot, no POST, BIOS splash screen don't show up plus no video and GPU Fan speed keeps on 100% and only one beep can be heard (usually on boot there's two. A swift one after turn it on and a bit longer after POST). Removed the GPU, nothing changes. Tested PSU, HDDs, Optical drive, all three RAMs one by one, still nothing. Tried to boot only with processor and RAM, same. About heat, none. Heatsink stays pretty much normal for a long time ~15 min. (since I can't acess BIOS I must have to touch the heatsink myself)



      I've been testing every troubleshoot offered by Intel's support. BIOS recovery, clear CMOS not a single difference. Removed the motherboard from chassis and tried to boot outside (ESD protected, of course), nothing.

      Here goes the config:
      Processor: Q9400

      RAM: DDR2 3x2GB /800 Mhz
      GPU: Zogis GTS 250

      PSU: OCZ SxS 2


      I was using this desktop for two years with no upgrades and never have any trouble like that. I wish I can still do something... hope someone enlighten me.


      PS.: When I say "tested", I mean put on another PC and see if it works.