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    USB controller memory leak?


      Hello! I have a memory leak, showing up as a gradual increase in Pool Nonpaged Bytes until finally a BSoD occurs when it hits the limit.


      Systernals Process Explorer showed a lot of registry activity, attempting to read the nonexistent value

      I have no idea what that means, but it got me looking more closely at the USB controllers.


      If I disable some of my controllers, the leak slows down; if I disable all but two, the problem seems to be fixed.

      I currently have the 2330, 2831, 2832, 2834 and 2836 disabled in Device Manager, and the 2835 and 283A enabled.

      devmngr-USB-30-32,34,36 off.png


      Even with only two controllers I can still connect a mouse in USB 1.1 mode and two external drives in USB 2.0 mode.

      If I want to connect my USB floppy drive, I have to re-enable some more controllers temporarily.


      OK, so what's my problem? It works doesn't it? It's an almost four year old laptop; I probably zapped the chip somehow...right?

      Or have I screwed up a driver update? Does this make sense to anyone?


      EDIT - I should mention one more thing: around the time I noticed this, I had added an ExpressCard USB 3.0 adapter and HDD.


      Thanks for reading this.


      08 MSI laptop, MS-1719 (aka GX700) from AVADirect

      Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz T7500

      2GB DDR2

      XP Pro

      CHIPSET: Intel Crestline PM965

          Intel ICH8 USB Controllers (x7; 5 UHCI & 2 EHCI)

          driver ver