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    Improve RAID Controller RS2BL080 (LSI 9260 Chipset)




      I am trying to improve performance of my Raid Controller. I started with a pair of Vertex 3 SSDs and was able to achieve Seq. Reads in excess of 1000 MB/s in Raid 0.


      A little later, I updated to the latest Firmware update and that dropped to Seq. Reads of 800~850 MB/s. I have been unable to have the performance increase back to the 100MB/s which the two V3s should achieve.


      Anyways, after a few months I have added a further 2 Vertex 3 for a 4 way Raid 0. With the additional drives, I was very disappointed to only achieve a speed increase to  Seq. Reads 1250~1280 MB/s.


      Settings are 128 stripe, Direct I/O, Write Thru.


      using i7 920, Asus Rampage II Extreme. 6gig memory, latest windows drivers also. Fresh install of windows 7 64 bit.


      After contacting LSI directly, they requested I seek the help of intel. I had found others reach seq reads of 1.8G/s of which the drives should be well able to achieve.


      Any idea on what I could/should try to rectify the problem? I was hoping with the double of of drives I would be able to hit at least the 1.5 mark instead of only a 50% increase in speed.


      Thanks in advance.