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    Cpu socket LGA2011 bended pin - safe to use?




      Due to problems with compatibility/stability and random purple screens on a build system with an Asus P9X79 PRO motherboard, MSI N580GTX Twin Frozr II OC videocard and i7 3930K, i was trying to return the Asus board for a refund. While at the shop everything was still looking fine on the cpu socket of the returned board and i was hoping for a money refund, until the desk clerk took the board to the back of the shop, came back with bad news of seeing a bended pin. It was not visible at all. He tried to find it for minutes as there was nothing to see. Then he went back with the board a 2nd time and came back where there was now a visible black spot(!) on the cpu socket and could be totally noticed from every angle...which was not the case before he went backside of the shop! Due to this suspicious finding, i lost warranty according to the guy and can't claim any refund or anything. Maybe they did not want to refund at all and made this damage. I was totally upset to be stuck with a useless product now and also damaged. They said i could bend the pin back again by using a magnify glass and a needle. Left the shop with 260 euro gone for a piece of junk, i almost wanted to toss the board into the bin. Be warned people, never let your eyesight of a return board, let them do anything in front of you and go see as well what they are doing!!!


      At home i just could not let the thought go of a piece of junk of 260 euro now on my desk. I took a magnify glass and needle and bended the pin back to its position. All the pins seems to be lined up again diagonally and vertically at that spot. The black spot is gone as far as i can see with the magnify glass and the pin is into position again. If pressured by the cpu, i don't think it with hit the neighbour pin, but still i wonder if it save to test it. I don't want to burn my i7 3930K cpu, MSI N580GTX Twin Frozr II OC videocard and Corsair HX750W psu, cause the cpu and videocard are double the price of the motherboard. I don't even know what would happen if i try to test if it works...will it short circuit and burn everything?


      I hope someone can tell me if its okay...or even okay to sell the d*mn board (excuse my language, but no more Asus and this shop for me forever).

      Hope to hear from some experts. Thanks.