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    2500k performing slow on Dhrystone/Wheyston. Why?


      I am not sure what I am doing wrong here. Still kicking the tires of my new CPU.


      Sisoft Dhrystone and Wheystone seem to be consistently score 65 and 35 @3.3Ghz and ~73 and 42 @ 4.0 Ghz. Reviewers have gotten 85 and 48 stock and others have gotten 98 and 57 at 4Ghz with a Z68 board. Playing with voltages doesn't doesn't change anything. Turning off core powersaving features doesn't do anything. Upping the ram from 1333 9/9/9/24 to 1600 doesn't do anything. Also, this mobo doesn't allow you to set a Vcore voltage. There's a Dynamic Vcore setting I set to +0.050 and a QPI/VTT Voltage set to auto and then from 1 to 1.16V.


      Build: Intel 2500k, Gigabyte Z68MA D2H-B3, 8GB (10700) 802.4 MHz (1:6) @ 9-9-9-24 memory, Nvidia 520GT, Intel 320 160GB SSD 3.0Gb/s.


      Strange thing is on AIDA64, the CPU Queen tests show a 31k at stock (what is seen on Guru3d) and 37k at 4Ghz. Cinebench 11.5 shows 6.37 @4Ghz. I also got one test out of the many I've run hit 98/74, but then all thereafter when back to 73/42.  I am wondering if it is a heat issue, but that can't be since core temps are in low 60s at stock and in mid-high 60s on Prime95.


      Is something turned off?



      CpuID (Note CPUZ is reporting Core Voltages wrong, AIDA64 and the Gigabyte board is reporting more accurate voltages)



      Left is a o/c screen I found somewhere. Right is mine stock.



      Above is a non o/c I found online.



      Above is my o/c cpuids. Left AIDA64. Right CPUZ





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          I understand that you are comparing performance of the processor when the processor is over-clocked by you.

          Keep in mind that Intel provide the unlocked processors, so the customer can over-clock it under his / her own risk, and Intel does not guarantee any performance or stability while the processor is running above it is stock speed.

          I personally suggest running the processor at it is stock speed with the turbo bust enabled, allowing the processor to over-clock automatically when the operating system determines that it is required to, but this way the processor will be running under specifications.

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            That is not the question I am asking. As you can see above, the stock  nonoverclocked settings are shown above and for some reason is  underperforming on the Sisoft Dhrystone Wheystone tests. The stock  settings produce a 65/35 score consistantly. The stock turbo setting for 4 cores is 3.4Ghz. Many review sites and others produce 85/48. This is a 30% decrease in performance on the dhrystone test alone. My o/c settings are only to show that even overclocked to 4Ghz, it only reaches 73/42.