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    S5520SC motherboard and hard disk 3TB


      Hi, I have a mobo S5520SC and four SATA hard disk hitachi 3tb HUA723030ALA640
      I updated the BIOS and firmware versions to the following:
      BIOS: S5500.86B.01.00.0060.09092011 1354 Build Date: 9 September 09,2011
      BMC: 58
      FRUSDR: 30
      ME: SPS_01.


      In the BIOS I enabled the RAID controller.
      The raid controller detects four hard drives correctly and I have created two virtual disks in raid 1.
      Start the installation from a CD Rom for Windows 2008 R2 64bit, using the driver software RAID SATA and SAS for Windows Intel ESRT-2 v.14.05.0727.2011 and virtual disks are detected correctly, but on all drives is reporting the error that I can not install the system even creating a new partition.

      By canceling the installation and clicking again on the INSTALL button all the virtual disks are displayed correctly and the error is no longer reported.

      I create a 800GB partition and start the installation.
      After you install Windows startup disk management.
      The virtual disks are not detected correctly, an additional disk is detected around 750GB.


      What should I do to solve the problem?


      p.s.: sorry for my english