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    D975XBX2 Installing Chipset Inf


      I assembled this system a couple years ago, using one WD3200AAKS SATA drive and one ATAPI Sony DVD burner on PATA side (BIOS version=2838, is set to SATA=IDE). Recently, I accidently left an old 386 DOS boot disk in the floppy drive when booting, and somehow it affected the hard drive.  BIOS does not see it as a bootable drive now.  I tried using the Windows XP SP2 CD disk utility in an attempt to 'fix' it, but I think it is euchered.   So, I purchased a WD5002AALX drive and am preparing to re-install everything on it (may attempt some recovery software later on the old drive).  Recalling the first installation, I remembered that it was specified that the chipset inf files be installed before anything else. I am planning to go ahead and let Windows format the drive as a single drive, but I guess I don't know exactly how to get those files in place before Windows starts installing everything.  Somehow, it worked the first time but I know I didn't do it the right way.  I have downloaded all of the most recent drivers from the Intel Support website.  Could someone offer some insight as to the correct procedure and sequence?  Also, I will be updating to SP3. Thanks!


      Never mind, I got it.