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    system drive failed/not bootable


      I have an ASUS P5AD2 deluxe mother board with Matrix Stoarge. I diont know the version (2004). It wont boot. It tells me the RAID 0 system drive has failed/not bootable and the RAID 1 data drive showed as rebuild/bootable. What do I do to repair the RAID and get this computer booted into the OS?

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          Intel Application Accelerator v4.5.0.6448. (2) Western Digital 500GB  WD2500JD HDDs, firmware 02.5D02, both show no errors with DLGDIAG. Tested in RAID mode, cant boot to the CD when in IDE mode. Both physical drives tested, differentiated by serial number.


          The first time in the Application Accelerator, the condition was RAID 0 failed/not bootable and RAID 1 rebuilding/bootable, "missing member  disks have been found, is disk part of RAID set?" I chose 'yes' (rebuild) Rebooted and and now the status is RAID 0 is normal/bootable and status of RAID 1 is repair/bootable. Do i have to reinstall windows to the RAID 0 drive, how do I go about that if I do?


          thank you