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    Which intel integrated raid controllers are compatible?


      I have an Intel 865perl MB that now fails to start.  It does not get as far as init of the video card (no output), so I assume MB is dead, since two other [agp] video cards did not help, nor new PS.  I have ordered a new MB from UpdateBay.com, and they are having trouble getting one.  The big problem is this:  I have two sata drives that were configured as raid 0 by the 865 MB integrated raid controller, with huge amounts of irreplaceable photos on them.  If I cannot get another 865perl MB, how can I get the data off those sata drives?  Are there compatible raid controllers in othe intel MB's?  If not, are there individual raid controller boards that are compatible?  What are my options.  These photos are my daughter's, and she will be utterly crushed if I cannot retireve them.  Can anyone help me with this problem?

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          Hello Arlen,


          I understand that you have an older motherboard that failed with your information on RAID.


          Before we proceed, when having information that is sensitive and priceless you don't use a RAID 0 as this kind of RAID will not give you nay data protection. I personally will recommend you to use RAID 1 where if your motherboard or one hard drive fails, you can move the hard drive in to another computer and recover the data.


          Now, currently you can use any newer motherboard that supports RAID to try to recover the information.



          If the RAID status is failed then I recommend you to contact a data recovery software developer to determine if the information can be recovered.






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            I was able to move my 2 RAID 0 drives from my DELL 9200 using Intel® Matrix Storage Technology to my new Intel motherboard DZ68BC as a D: RAID 0 drive. I use another drive to boot from and hold the OS. The Intel raid software on my new system (now named Intel Rapid Storage Technology) detected the 2 disks automaticly.

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              Many thanks for all the information, although since then I have acquired another 865perl MB online, and everything is now okay.  I have trusted raid's of all types at work for many years, and knew I was taking a bit of a risk with raid 0, but started out with it at a time when large drives were not so affaordable as they are now.  I would have had the same dilemma, in this case, with a raid 1 or 5, since it was the MB that failed.  Since that is no longer an issue, I will file your responses for future reference, but for now, I have decided to simply duplicate all important files on other drives, rather than use raid technology.  It seems the easiest way to eliminate concerns about compatibility.


              Thanks again.

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                Thanks for the info.  As you can see by my reply to Victor_intel, I no longer have an issue, but it is good to know of your experience with compatibility, in case I need that in the future.