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    Will adding MORE and Faster RAM increase preformance? HD3000


      I'm looking into buying PC3 12800 from ADATA. 8GB which would be bumping my laptop up from 4GB(1333MHz).


      Q1: Will MOST if not ALL HD3000 graphics perform better with higher quailtiy and more RAM? I think I saw a huge coralation in PassMark's PreformanceTest software. I'd love for a response from Intel on this. Oviously its sharing memory so this would make sense.


      Q2: Crucial and NewEgg report my laptop with a corei5 2410M HM65Chipset will take PC12800 RAM, what do you think the chances are that it will recognize it as 1600MHz RAM?




      Answers of any sort would be apperciated. I'm just really curious. I'm mostly going to play old games like need for speed underground 2, FEAR, Unreal T 2004. BUT, I want to try Dirt 3 or Unreal T 3... so this question is important to me.

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          These video cards should run games like Unreal tournament, as their Intel HD graphics technoligy is from the early 90's, if you have dual core you may have to shut one down for it to run smoothly if not it may studder... I would not be shocked if the video card graphics had to be turned down also... or played in 800x600... ( but remember this is not mainstreaming gaming ) lol, out dated gaming maybe but I would not be shocked it Intel HD has problems...


          The memory in the graphics is  predetermined, buy the cpu and the motherboard, and also by the drivers, and if you look at this forum about the drivers, Dont be shocked if it crashes... if you add more ram to your computer I dont think it will add much to see a difference...