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    Help! 2700K High Core Voltage




      I recently bought a 2700k processor and have been running it for close  to a month now. I recently noticed that my computer was running quite hot, supprising since I have an H80 cooler. A friend checked on the processor with CPU-Z and said that the processor's core voltage was quite high. Everything is running default setitng in the bios, but I get around 1.392-1.40 core voltage when the processor is "under load" on my Asus Z68 motherboard. It's even a notch higher on my friend's gigabyte (forgot the model). He showed me his 2600k's voltage and it stayed around 1.280 in the same conditions. Temperatures on mine ranged from 55-75, his 45-60.


      We read through my processor's manual and only found a mention to VID, no Core Voltage. Since i'm no engineer (quite the contrary), and I could not find a clear answer online, I figured I'd come here and ask.


      I know me and my friend have different processors, but I'm affraid that the voltage and heat might damage mine. Is this safe voltage and tempe rature for this kind of processor? What should it be running at? Will it die if I use it as is?




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          The voltage requirement for this processor is up to 1.5 Volt, so 1.4 volts is still OK for this processor.

          Regarding the temperature, the maximum recommended temperature for this processor is 72.6 degrees Celsius.

          75 degrees Celsius is a little high, so I would suggest installing the latest BIOS version for your motherboard, and also try reseating the processor as well as the fan/heatsink.

          If possible, test this processor on a 2nd motherboard to see if it has the same thermal behavior.

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            I saw it rise just under 1.5v, glad to know that's normal.That sounds like a lot of voltage for such a delicate thing, but I guess Intel knows it's stuff.

            I was just supprised to see my friend's 2600k needing so much less.


            We checked the cooler and reseated it with new thermal paste, it's a little better at 70-72 c. I'll try to add fans to see if it helps.


            Thank you for your help.