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    What has intel done?!


      My i5-2500K in an ASUS P8z68V-Pro was running Windows 7 Professional 64 bit perfectly.


      Then came an update.


      Then I was unable to boot into Windows - BIOS, then Win Logo, then black screen and display switching between analog and digital trying to find a source.


      The only way out of this is to safe boot in Windows, uninstall the video driver, and then boot back into Windows using the generic vga (non-aero supporting) driver.


      So what the hell has happened? Even using the drivers with the original mobo CD fail - though is that because they auto-update? How has intel managed to break my new machine? (I can't believe how poor integrated GPUs still are after all these years...)

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          This might be related to a compatibility problem that has been reported with some few displays and the latest generic driver.


          In this case we suggest you to continue using the drivers that have been customized directly by your motherboard manufacturer for the system that you are using.


          Please, keep in mind that the drivers on our site are generic drivers. Each computer manufacturer, motherboard manufacturer, or Original Equipment Manufacturer, integrate their own products, and from there, they can alter, add or remove some features, therefore they provide customized drivers to support such changes. Therefore, we always recommend using the customized drivers provided by your Original Equipment Manufacturer instead of the generic drivers on our site.