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    Intel® HD Graphics enables superior mainstream gaming and 3D




      Wondering when this is going to happen?


      Wondering when the support for new games will begin?


      Wondering when Intel will back up what they advertise?

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          Those games are not mainstream those are has beens, some are over 2 years old, when will new games have support?


          Superior  mainstream gaming is put out by Nvidia, AMD, and ATI why does Intel say that when they have no support for the new games. All of us gamers that bought fast computer with the promise of this mainstream gaming with Intel HD are all waiting for it to happen, Well will it? Is anyone even working on it?


          Will you leave us hanging for another 3 months?


          You know the people that bought your products, have friends we talk, and by not giving us support... later we will not support you in the future...





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            From the URL that you refer. I didn't see any sentence that specify "superior mainstream gaming". I found only "mainstream gaming". Why did you a make a "false accuse"?


            Look like you have a lot of vengeance to Intel but I think your action is useless. Smart consumers should do a research about the product before they buy. The best way for you is selling your current PC and buy the new one instead.


            Anyway you should know that performance of 3D gaming is depend on both CPU and GPU. You can select high-end GPU (not entry level) from Nvidia or AMD that surely have higher performance than Intel HD Graphic. However if you still want the best performance CPU nowaday for your gaming PC. You still have to choose Intel CPU which integrated with "HD Graphic" that you hated.

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              try this one...




              in case your too lazy to click ...


              Visually stunning graphics

              Intel® HD Graphics,1 simplifies your designs by  eliminating additional discrete graphics hardware, while integrating  stunning visuals and performance for immersive2 gaming. That’s because the graphics engine and media processing in 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i3, Core™ i5, and Core™ i7 processors are integrated right on the processor. Intel® HD Graphics delivers up  to 3X performance over previous-generation Intel® HD Graphics2,3,4 – with additional headroom for future graphics applications. Plus, it  integrates advanced 3D processing for stunning visual experiences.


              i have yet seen stunning visuals (no main stream games from 2011 are supported)


              3 time the performance over 0 is still zero...


              additional head room for future graphics applications, that funny when they can't get support now, and the games that can pay Intel HD have to be turned way down to actually play,  I'm still waiting to see this advanced 3d processing...


              ok I want to play Battlefield 3 but from this advertisment it says it should play, but admins say I need a discrete.... so i'm confused... false advertisment or are the admins lying?