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    DG45ID MOBO advanced BIOS Settings - PAPV for H.264 - Screenshot Attch.




      Anyone know how i view the advanced bios settings on my bios, specifically Protected Audio Video Path (PAPV) which need to be set to 'lite' to take load off CPU during DVB-T H.264 TV viewing?


      This is reason i need to adjust this advanced setting. http://techgage.com/article/intel_desktop_board_dg45id/3


      I geneally have only a fraction of the settings i shoud be able to adjust in BIOS as setout in http://download.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/biosglossarybymenu_v09.pdf, and while i realise all BIOSs' are different, i really seem to have very few settings, and this is a smart board designed for wannbe techos building mediacentres.


      I remember once i had an AMD machine, and i had to hit CTRL F1 when in BIOS to show advanced settings.