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    BIOS 2111  BP67BG


      XTU is not reflected by the BIOS and overclocking

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          I am having the same problem. Also if I try using the Automatic Overclocking feature in the BIOS it won't reflect any changes when I get to the desktop.  No matter what what I pick for the CPU speed (4.5ghz, 4.4ghz, etc.) when I get to the desktop it shows my CPU running at default.  For some reason the saved OC settings aren't working when in the desktop.

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            The SAME " problem" with me, no changes about Over after bios Update

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              Works fine here but memory performace seems to have been slightly reduced since the last bios version. 18.2GB/s vs 21.5GB/sec.

              Going to test sleep mode now.

              Well...not only is memory performance worse but sleep mode when overclocking in windows is also worse.

              At least before, I could just hit the reset button and it would resume. Now I had to use the back2bios button to reset to default before I could resume.


              One step forward, ....no wait...no steps forward and two steps backward this time.

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                Ok crash on sleep mode

                Slow memory performace

                Nomore Overclocking

                This is a realy Bad bios rev

                The Turbo Boost Technology seeing not working too

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                  I too wasn't able to overclock at all.  not even when changing my 1600 memory to <default> setting.


                  I then took out my trusty old generic 1333Mz 2GB(2x1GB) Kingston value memory.  and VIOLA! everything is normal again.  My memory settings are whacked, but it boots fine.  My Ripjaws just refuse to boot at all overclocked.


                  Not sure what is going on with Intel.  But things just keep getting worse every BIOS update lately.


                  I'll try other tests and report any problems/successes.


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                    I ran a few tests and sleep mode won't wake.  It gets syuck in an endless reboot cycle and I have to hit the power switch on the psu to turn it off.  Then it resumes after turning it back on.


                    Memory performance is slightly slower than 1076.  but seems fine.


                    Overclocked all the way to 4.5GHz without issue.


                    USB 3.0 still problematic.  It starts off fast on large files and quickly slows down to usb 2 speeds faster than 1076.  Not even 1GB and it's slowing quickly, where it took 2gb for 1076.  Once in a while it tells me to put my stick in a 3.0 port for better performance.   So it seems to kick down on its own.


                    My MS wireless keyboard still has issues access BIOS and other function key options at boot.  but my Saitek Eclipse works without issue.  Might be a keyboard thing, not sure.


                    Hoping next BIOS fixes things


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                      Interesting....is your memory 1.5v or 1.65v?

                      JADEC 1600 seems to be pushing for lower voltages to be compliant.

                      I am telling you man...Intel needs to figure out what memory is doing when overclocked.

                      I bet the only issue with mine when overclocking is they need to init memory better when coming out of sleep mode.

                      The last bios only had a slight problem but now it's worse (looping reboot).

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                        Both memory are 1.5v.  My Ripjaws are high density memory, I assume, while my Generic Kingston are low density and more forgiving on timings.


                        I use the Mem TweakIT utility to examine my timings.




                        Here's a pick of my Kingston memory while cpu is overclocked.




                        This utility is for Sandy Bridge and is an Asus version of "CPU-Tweaker" as they haven't updated it in a while.  Not sure if the manual settings will take affect on our motherboards as they aren't made by Asus, but we can, atleast look at them.


                        You may want to check your memory website and check if they are fully supported for this motherboard.  My Ripjaws don't list this board.   Kingston doesn't list this board either, but being low density they work on any board.


                        Here's a pic at stock CPU speeds.



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                          anyone knows if overclocking work with this bios 2111?  i cannot overclock with this new bios.

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                            nop, no Overcloking at all with this bios.

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                              Yes, overclocking works fine.  it's just you'll need low-density memory.  For some reason the memory timings are getting skewed when overclocking the CPU.


                              Maybe the next BIOS release will fix these timing issues.


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                                Here are the timings at default and then at 4.5Ghz CPU.

                                Kingston's memory tool says to use this memory over the XMP memory they sell so maybe that is why I am having no problems overclocking.

                                Only sleep mode is affected when I overclock.




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                                  I too am experiencing an endless boot loop upon wakeup.  The issue is random, however, and has only occured a handful of times in the last two days.  Of course, I have only had the board for two days.


                                  As many of my other counterparts are experiencing here, my overclocks in the BIOS have no effect whatsoever in OS.


                                  My Question


                                  What BIOS version has everyone had the most success with so far?  Have any of you tried downgrading?  I am also using cheapo RAM which may or may not be my cryptonite.

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                                    I reverted back to BIOS v.2076 and boot looping as well as overclocking issues are now solved.  4.5GHz stable.  FSX runs like a dream again finally.

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