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    internet connection dropping once connection with Intel WiDi


      I can connect fine to my Netgear Push2TV 2000, but when I try to open the Internet, the laptop is dropping my connection to the wireless router (connection to Push2TV is fine).  I am sure this is just some type of setting I need to change - as I've successfully streamed ESPN3, etc to the Push2TV in the past.  Had a hard drive crash and trying to get everything back up and running.....any help would be greatly appreciated.  I do have the latest version of WiDi installed - so its not an issue with the older versions that prohibited streaming.....


      Laptop:  HP Envy 17

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          Shashi Jain

          Sorry to hear of your troubles. If I understand you correctly, you can't run a connection to your router/internet while you are running a WiDi connection. Have you tried to connect to your router for internet first and then connect to WiDi?



          Intel WiDi - Applications Engineer

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            I am able to connect the Laptop to my wifi router just fine - and my Internet connection is fine.  I can start up Intel WiDi and connect to the PTV2000 just fine.  However, when I try to pull up the Internet in an attempt to stream something on my TV via the active WiDi connection with the PTV2000, the Internet connection between the Laptop and the wireless router drops - although I do stay connected to the PTV2000 via Intel WiDi.  I am simply unable to use the Internet when connected to the PTV2000.


            I dont think this is an issue with the PTV2000 - as I had this problem when I purchased the product, but then had to upgrade the Intel WiDi to a newer version that supports streaming and showing copyrighted materials on the PTV2000 via Intel WiDi.  I adjusted some of the settings specific to Intel WiDi (and My WiFi Technology) and ended up getting it to work - but, for the life of me can't remember what I did.


            I have an Envy 17 Laptop with switable graphics.....and I made sure that I am using the Intel graphics when the Intel WiDi session is active.

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              My friend's having the same issue.  he's got a new laptop and a DLink WiDi adapter for his TV.  Whenever he launches WiDi on his laptop, his WiFi connection dies (and so does the one for any other WiFi device in the room).  Seems like WiDi is just overpowering the WiFi signal.  I suggested to him that he change the channel on his WiFi from the router (if it's currently 6 change to 11 and if it's currentlly 11 change to 6).  It's just a shot in the dark, as I have little experience with WiDi (hoping to change that this Christmas, though).


              -  dvdrat

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                I've made changes to the channels and that didn't work.  Still think its a setting, maybe within the MyWiFi or even within the network connections/groups - especially since I was able to get it to work in the past.  The crazy thing is that I can briefly get the internet to work while I am connected to the PTV2000 - I can establish the connection with the PTV, then open internet explorer and it works for about 30 seconds - then the connection between my laptop and the router drops, and I lose the internet connection - but my connection between the laptop and the PTV2000 remains strong. 


                Still looking for answers - so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I was really looking forward to using the Intel WiDi capability on my new laptop and right now its useless for streaming internet content.

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                  I have the same issue.  Sometimes the connection maintains for a around an hour others not even 5 minutes.  It appears a signal or software conflict is "messing" with the router in my case.  The WiDi will stay connected to the TV but connection to the router is lost.  In order to access the router again I need to power it off and reboot it.  I did not have this issue when I first set up and tested using the orginal version of WiDi which came on my laptop (although it was only once for about 2 hours). I upgraded to the latest WiFi driver, and WiDi software and added the WiDi Widget right after the initial test so I don't know if they are the cause of the problem.

                  Actiontec GT-704 Wireless Gateway

                  Lenovo Z570 - I3,

                  Intel WiFi Link 1000 BGN - Driver,

                  WiDi version,

                  WiDi Widget version 1.2


                  A resolution would be greatly appreciated.

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                    I did a system restore back to the point just before I installed the P2TV and downloaded the updates.  The WiDi on it's own works fine with the original WiFi driver ( and software (WiDi version which came on my laptop.  When I launch the WiDi software it appears to download an update and asks if I want to install - I have cancelled every time.

                    I originally suspected the Widget as the source of the problem and was hesitant to install it again but the ability to push one content and continue to work on the computer with others is a big plus.  I downloaded and installed the Widget (version 1.1) and it has limited functionality with my original software - some sites/applications don't allow you to push one tab to the TV and continue to work on the laptop with others and it does not automatically launch and connect the WiDi. In order to get it to work at all I need to launch WiDi, bring up the content to push, and launch and push with the widget last.  I did find documention stating that you would need to update the WiDi software in order to use the Widget but that update appears to be what was causing is WiFi connection drops.

                    I will try a couple of other configurations and report the results.  I intend to try WiDi version ( as found on the Netgear site solo and with the Widget 1.1.  I know I had issues with this and Widget 1.2.

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                      Update from my end on this issue.  Never was able to resolve the issue when using my old router (Linksys).  I upgraded to a newer router, Netgear n750 and it now works perfect.  I am stream anythign from the internet in HD on my TV.  Very strange - maybe the newer technology has something to do with it.  Only modification I made after the router was setup was to enable the intel wireless features...........

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                        I was able to stream for about 2 hours but then the connection issue reared it's ugly head again so there is no point in trying the other configurations.  Perhaps I need to upgrade my wireless gateway like greeenmonster.

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                          Same here.  After about 3 hrs of WiFi AND WiDi connection can no longer connect to both WiFi and WiDi at the same time.

                          It's amazing that the same problem that existed in 2011 has not been fixed by Intel in 2013!!!

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                            I had this behavior until I patch the firmware of my ptv2000 to align it with the widi/wifi latest versions


                            But I guess you probably have checked your firmware is up to date. That could be that a new firmware would be required to align to newer widi/wifi versions and it has not been released

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                              The adapter FW gets updated upon the installation of the latest WiDi driver.

                              Current version for the PTV2000 is, and can be seen under the properties tab of the WiDi window.

                              There it shows the version and it also states that the FW is up to date.


                              If WiDi is compatible only with certain latest versions of various WiFi routers, as it is implied by a post above, Intel must state so.  But it shouldn't be the case.


                              From what I see so far from this "WiFi OR WiDi" behavior, it appears as if the Intel drivers are attempting to have exclusive control of the WiFi adapter and the WiDi wins sometimes and the WiFi wins at other times.

                              In my attempts to find what is going on by trying to connect to WiDi and to WiFi together and separately, I encountered the situation where the WiFi adapter can not find/connect to any routers/networks.  None appear in the list of router networks and multiple attempts to refresh by pressing F5 are not successful.  Only after I ran the Win8 built-in Troubleshooter it indicated that the WiFi adapter was disabled.

                              So it appears from all this that the Intel WiFi and WiDi drivers do not get along with each other but are fighting for exclusive control of the hardware and somehow the WiFi adapter gets disabled.

                              They work together once at first but after that they no longer work together.  Perhaps some software switch is changed in the Intel software or the system registry that causes this.

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                                That is really possible. This morning I tried to stream to one of our conference room TV and it did not work. Last time, I tested it was in December so I restored the image which worked at that time and nothing worked so definitely not a problem of drivers or firmware since it was exactly the same thing. I had a message adapter cannot obtain an IP address and then 2h later for no reasons, everything just worked. That could be as you say a conflict on who access the wifi adaptor


                                This comes back to electronicsguy post: http://communities.intel.com/thread/28673


                                In my configuration I use wifi exclusively for widi and my lan for connecting to the router to have the full bandwidth available for widi. Also on my router's dhcp server, I don't accept my wifi card mac address so it does not get an IP address other than through widi.

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                                  Regarding electrinicsguy's post:


                                  In Win8 Microsoft virtual WIFI miniport drivers are no longer listed in the Control panel or the device manager.

                                  In Win8 under Network adapters in Device manager the N-6235 driver appears but there are no  2 Microsoft virtual WIFI miniport drivers listed.

                                  Someone else suggested that here:



                                  Today I was able to connect to both wifi and widi, at the same time, and stream online content to the TV thru the Netgear PTV2000 but ONLY AFTER turning both the PC and the PTV2000 off and back on.

                                  BUT the connection only lasted for about 20 minutes.  Then the PTV2000/PC WiDi connection was lost and the PTV2000 can no longer be found after multiple scans and restarts of the WiDi application.

                                  To correct this problem, it required turning both the PC and the PTV2000 off and back on so that the PTV2000 could be scanned and be connected to by the WiDi application, BUT it was done with no WiFi connection.


                                  It is clear that there is a conflict somewhere between Intel's WiFi driver and the WiDi driver.


                                  In my post above about the Intel WiFi being disabled and the Win8 troubleshooter:

                                  After I ran the Win8 built-in Troubleshooter it indicated that the Intel WiFi adapter was disabled BUT the Win8 troubleshooter was able to re-enable/re-start the Intel WiFi adapter that was disabled by Intel's WiFi/WiDi driver conflict.


                                  Please note, as I posted in the other thread:




                                  that, so far, the combination of Intel drivers seems to be working in Win8 in my case is:  WiFi, Video packaged as, and WiDi installed in that order.

                                  But they are working ONLY after the steps outlined in the ItsJustWhatever.com link in the above post were followed along with the later troubleshooting I did described above in that thread.

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                                    Finally after weeks of research, I found the way to make it work.


                                    When WIDI connect to TV, Window 7 connect to two Wireless network

                                    1. Your Wireless Router - Wireless Network Connection 2

                                    2.  TV Wireless - Wireless Network Connection 3


                                    Two Wireless.jpg



                                    It seem window try to access Internet via TV widi Wireless connection (i.e. Direct CC Bravia) and ignore the your actual wireless router. (i.e SKY)



                                    You need to configure automatic metric System.

                                    1. In Network and sharing page - Click on Change Adapter Setting (Right Top)

                                    2. Right Click on wireless Network Connection 2 (Your Original Wireless Router) -> Properties

                                    3. Click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

                                    4. Select Properties

                                    5. In General tab -> Advanced

                                    6. Uncheck Automatic Metric and Give a Low number (say 5) and Click OK

                                    Internet Protocol.jpg

                                    7. Now Click on wireless Network Connection 3 (Widi Wireless) -> Properties

                                    8. Click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

                                    9. Select Properties

                                    10. In General tab -> Advanced

                                    11. Uncheck Automatic Metric and Give a High  number (say 50)



                                    Reference: Two wireless connections, one with internet, one without

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