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    Advanced Bios Settings Unavailable - PAPV. Screenshot Attached.


      I have an Intel DG45ID multimedia motherboard, and i need to change some of the advanced BIOS settings (specifically Protected Audio Video Path - PAPV).


      This is why and what i need to adjust http://techgage.com/article/intel_desktop_board_dg45id/3 - the screenshots here show more settings than i have, i.e. PAPV. Here is the screeshot from this site.


      My problem is, I cannot seem to access the 'advanced' settings that i need to....they just don't show up at all.


      According the the BIOS manual (http://download.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/biosglossarybymenu_v09.pdf.) there are many settings i should have visibiltiy of, but don't.


      Any idea? Do i need to enter another keystroke to enter advanced BIOS settings?


      BTW - any suggestions on how i F2 to enter BIOS using multi-media USB KB - Mobo has no PS2.