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    iscsi remote boot + ip


      I configured iscsi remote boot in the X520-DA controller with ip as initiator ip.

      This works fine so far, however, while the ip does show up in windows as assigned to the controller when i check with ipconfig /all, its not assigned to the properties of ipv4 of the connection (GUI).

      Anyone here with iscsi remote boot experience? I just add the ip static in the ip v4 properties of the connection and all is fine? Would I use a different ip for the boot process?

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          As you have discovered, configuring a static IP address for the iSCSI boot process will only be used for the operation of the iSCSI initiator. Once the OS is booted, then the normal OS IP configuration takes over. So, if you are using static addresses, you will need to configure the address separately for the initiator and for the operating system.


          Mark H