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    Ubuntu 8.04 configuring hardware raid 5 on intel server board s50000psl

      I configuring a recently purchased server. I trying to run a linux server using either Ubuntu 8.04lts server or centos 5.2-i386 on a s50000psl. I want to set up some the server on a hardware raid 5 partition  and run a couple virtual servers on it. I have 5 500 gig serial ata drives onthe  but I having trouble configuringthe drive so i can set up a couple of virtual servers onthe same box ( vmware)


      the problem is I'm having  the raid to work I have the raid activation key for the motherboard but when I try to install linux centos fail to recognize 4 of the drives and show and only shows a 5 gig size. in Ubuntu the drives just show up with no raid just 5 separate drives.


      Does some one know  how to get this up and running under Linux?