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    Intel PRO 1000 PT, DualPort Server Adapter on Asus P8B-X rebooting..


      I have fitted an Intel Pro 1000 PT server adapter (EXPI9402PTBLK) on a Asus P8B-X. this mainboard has an integrated Dual Intel Server Lan (2 x Intel 82574L).

      I'm going to use system as a router with Linux Slackware and i have tried with Windows 7 also with the same results. The problem is a bit complicated, but it appears to work ok if i connect something to the integrated lan ports on the Asus mainboard, but when i connect to the PT adapter i first get the link light and after a few seconds the system crashes and reboots..After rebooting i no longer have link light (however the linux system claims to have link..) and if the cable remains in the lan port it constantely reboots.I have trid to figure out what's happening and it seems to be related to IRQ's. After installation each Lan port have its own IRQ, but after the first crash it seems like the integrated Lan adapter and the PT adapter shares IRQ's.....? Lan 1 on the integrated adapter and Lan 1 on the PT adapter suddenly have the same IRQ and the same with Lan 2.. It seems to be som malfunction between the intel lan adapters in a strange way..

      Does anyone have a clue what i can do to solve this problem??