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    Compatibility issue with intel SRT and OCZ's Revo drive : help!


      Hi, I am a computer fan and I consider myself fairly good with computers(6/10 skill level). Lately, a friend asked be to create a PC for him, he wanted something good.


      I thought about the HDD bottleneck and I had this idea :

      1 - 110Gb OCZ Revodrive for his OS (win7)

      2 - Use intel's SRT for his 1TB HDD for programs, games and data.


      The objective was to install the OS on his super-fast PCI based RevoDrive and install programs and games on an accelerated drive. It seemed like a great idea and the price was right. So I selected for him a core i5-2500K, a Gigabyte Z68P-DS3 board sporting a Z68 chipset and a Intel 311 Series 20GB to accelerate his big HDD.


      Now here is the problem : in order to have SRT, it has to be enabled upon Window's install. He tells me he can access the bios and active SRT trough the RAID part of the chipset. However, as he tries to install windows, his PCI based OCZ drive is not detected. Therefore, he cannot install the OS on it. I have been thinking about this but I just can't seem to find a way to make this all work.


      Any ideas would be appreciated because I still think putting the OS on a PCI based SSD and coupling it with a SRT accelerated HDD is as great value!


      Please, help me save my idea and help my friend who trusted my advise!