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    Tray Processors, Bulk Motherboards, Genuinely “New”


      I’m unsure if the following is something that can be addressed on this forum.  If there is a forum that is more appropriate where I could get the needed answers please provide a link or forum name.


      I need to replace a failed motherboard and processor as a stop-gap measure until a new system is built.  The processor is an Intel Pentium 4, 3.20 GHz, System Bus 800 MHz, 512KB L2 Cache, PGA-478 Pkg.  The motherboard to be replaced would be an Intel D875PBZ.


      Since the above parts are not being produced any longer I must rely on what is currently available through various vendors.  I will only accept NEW parts, and not “refurbished” or “used”.  These are typically supplied as OEM or, in the case of processors, “tray” processors.


      Can anyone please tell me how to recognize a new “tray” processor as supplied by Intel?


      One vendor has told me that they “repackage” these in anti-static wrap for resale.  This creates a bit of doubt as to whether these parts are really as advertised.  In other words, if the vendor says they are “new”, are they really?  So far I’ve been unable to find anything on the Intel website that defines the packaging on a “tray” processor.  Obviously they should be in some sort of packaging that would protect the parts from damage when handled.  I would assume that such protective packaging would have imprinted on it the Intel logo that would tell the end user that the parts are in fact “new”, but I’ve been unable to find an example on the Internet of a photo of a “tray” processor, as Intel supplies it.  With this information I could ask the vendor specifics on the packaging and hopefully determine if it really is “new”.


      One other question that arises, in the case of an OEM motherboard that is defined as “bulk”, is does Intel supply the I/O shield with the motherboard?  In the case of the D875PBZ motherboard Intel does supply a part number as 1302-01FF000, but it is out of stock.  This part is not available, even on EBAY, so a I need to know if a “bulk” board, as supplied by Intel, comes with an I/O shield.