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    Matrix Storage Verifying causes BSOD ***Hardware Malfunction


      I have a RAID1 setup as my OS boot drive running Windows Server 2003 Standard. When I arrived at work this morning the system was unresponsive, upon a force reboot the verify on the RAID1 OS boot arry was running. Then after a few minues the system blue screened with the following message:


      *** Hardware Malfunction

      Call your hardware vendor for support

      *** The System has halted


      I have spent about 8 hrs trying to isolate the issue to the Intel Matrix Storage Console Verify/Repair process. I don't believe it is related memory, bios, or anything else as MS Article ID: 315223 suggests. I have updated my Bios, updated my Matrix Storage drivers/utility, and even cleared my cmos, and removed memory and placed them in the system one by one testing to make sure. Now the only time the system will blue screen with the abover error is when the Verify/Repair is running on the array.


      I have a ASUS DSBV-DX motherboard and I am running Intel Matrix Storage Drivers&Console version, which I just updated to. Before updating to this version the system was blue screening after a few minues even without running verify on the drives.


      Which leads me to my question: Is one of both of the drives in the array faulty or about to die? When I stop the Verify/Repair processes the array is displayed in normal state and my system continues to function. I just need to know if I should replace these drives and if so how can I replace them without loosing my OS boot array?




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          Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager only checks for the integrity of the data being saved, it does not check if the hard drives or hardware are fine. To check the integrity of the discs you will need to check with its respective manufacturer for tools to test them.


          Since you have a RAID 1, you can move the RAID arrya to newer hard drives by following the instrcutions on this site:




          Keep in mind that Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager 8.9 is a mature software version which is not longer supported. I suggest you to check with your motherboard manufacturer for an updated version of this software like Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology.