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    ESRT2 + Raid Web Console 2 problems


      Purchased new Lenovo TD230 Server to be new mail server.  Desired configuration of 4 HDD is as follows:

      1) 2 x 500Gb - Raid 1 - Operating system & programs

      2) 2 x 1 TB - Raid 1 - Data/Files


      Have had multiple problems with setting up this RAID configuration (mainly keeping it configured correctly).  Will list the first problems for reference, in case helpful or relevant, and then the current situation.


      First problem:

      Hooked up all 4 drives (Sata ports 1-4; 5=DVD drive).  Started system using the provided easy set-up tools.  Configured the 2 separate Raid 1 arrays.  Seemed to work fine.

      Started install of Windows Server 2008 r2.  After installation, disk manager showed that there was a drive C:\ of 500gb (which was mirrored via RAID 1- as desired), but that "something" had changed the second raid config.  Windows now allocated/partitioned 500gb out of one of the 1TB drives, marked the rest unused, and showed the whole disk as "offline."

      -didn't find any way to fix this, so decided to remove the 2 x 1TB drives (physically), configure the 2x500gb Raid 1 anew, install OS, then add the 2nd array of 2x1TB after.

      Everything has went smoothly except for the 2nd array.


      In the ESRT2 Bios, the 'configure' option for the second array only gives an option of "Array 0," "Span-1."  I'm hesitant to select this, because I don't want to overwrite anything on the first array.  Can't find much documentation to help with this.


      Intel suggested using the "Intel RAID Web Console 2" to do these things.  Installed from supplied disk- didn't have options needed.  Found updated version from Intel site.  Installed.  After hooking the 2 x 1TB drives back up, they show up in the 'console,' but as soon as I click on them in any way, it flashes and goes to "Hot Spare (global)," removing all options to configure either one into a new RAID array.


      Restarting, and going back into ESRT2 Bios, now shows them both as 'HOTSPRS' and I can't do anything with them in the bios, now, either.


      Note: did restart, remove drives, restart: normal in bios/web console (they didn't show up).  hook up disks, restart, normal in bios, normal in web console...until drive is selected in any way, then flashes to Hot Spare.


      Not sure what's going wrong or why.  All input is appreciated...especially the one that remedies and explains.