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    BIOS recovery on D201GLY - not successful


      Hello. I'm an owner of Intel D210GLY for a year. Warranty is over for a long time. Approx. 2 months ago I tried to flash my BIOS to version 0137 from Windows with BIOS update utility. It failed and I've now got nearly uselesspiece of PCB with built-in CPU, GPU and NIC and tons of ways it coud be used for. I tried recovery BIOS update from CD with burned BIOS .bio image on it. Recovery starts, but gives error on step "Preparing recovery firmware image" with code 0x80000009. I tried to use 7 different CD drives, checked every image I've downloaded and burned, tried 0137 and 0142 images, and also booting with recovery-stop jumper and even changing memory. Maybe I should desolder BIOS chip and upload BIOS to it with DIY programmer? If this, where do I get HEX for chip? Or, maybe, there are easier solutions?