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    Monitor sleep leads to constant "device connect" / "device disconnect" sounds (and other very annoying issues)


      I had been running an HP w2207 monitor with an AMD setup for about 3 years without any problems using the digital input.  Just "upgraded" to an i5 2500k system.  Running Win 7 64 bit before and now. 


      The w2207 works with the 2500k system wonderfully -- until power saving settings turn the monitor off.  Then I'm subjected to a constant symphony of "device connect," "device disconnect" sounds.  The only way to stop it is to turn those sounds off in the windows sounds screen, or to prevent the power saving system from turning the monitor off at all.


      I just added an HP 2311x as a second monitor, and the problem doesn't happen with that monitor, which is a couple of years newer.


      Lately, when the computer recovers from S1 standby, the 2311x comes up, but the w2207 is not even detected.  I have to reboot my system for my Intel 2500k system to see it again.


      I don't have these problems using VGA with the w2207, but I want to use the digital input (the quality difference is quite noticeable).  Again, I had no troubles of this sort with the w2207 on my AMD system right up to the day about a month ago that I moved to the Intel 2500k system, and have been having these problems with the Intel system from jumpstreet.  So this very much appears to have something to do with the way the w2007 communicates with the HD 3000 graphics in the Intel.  I was using the 2509 driver, and just updated to the 2550 driver, with no change.


      I hope somebody can help.  That "somebody" would probably be Intel with a driver update, but I'd also love to hear if anybody can suggest a temporary workaround.


      BTW, my system is rock solid stable otherwise.

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