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    Loading Intel HD graphics driver causes Win 7 to hang in boot up.


      Issue: system hangs during bootup at the windows background image (no icons) when the Intel graphics driver is installed in support of the onboard graphics. Deleting or disabling the driver in safe mode enables the system to come up with the pnp generic display driver. note that the issue seemed to crop up when I changed from AHCI to RAID disk type in the bios, which required a system rebuild from scratch. Seems I can't go back to AHCI without rebuilding again to test this theory. 2 reasons I built the system with this motherboard combo: to make a mirror raid array from the big disks and to use the onboard graphics to save power (it's an HTPC).   So, I would very much like to get this configuration to work!

      System (new build):

      ASUS P8Z68-V Motherboard, Intel Z68 Express chipset

      i5 2500K

      Windows 7 professional

      8gb corsair ram

      ocz vertex ssd 60gb boot drive on sata 6 port

      ocz agility 3 ssd 120gb drive for cache use on sata 6 port

      2x seagate 2tb drives (intended to be in raid 1) on sata 3 ports

      pioneer bd, plextor dvd on other 2 sata 3 ports

      usb wireless keyboard (has funny symptom takes about a minute to work after windows boots)

      InfiniTV tuner card

      multi-card reader, video capture, etc. on usb ports

      Graphics driver: Intel_Graphics_V815102405_VistaWin7

      Again, the issue is when the intel graphics driver is loaded, it causes windows to hang during startup; displays the background picture and gets stuck. on 3rd rebuild of system now. (gets tiring) 1st forgot to set raid mode for SATA controller (system came up fine in this configuration, graphics worked OK, etc.). I set software raid for 2x 2TB drives (on sata ports 3&4) but windows very frequently would tie up the system doing re-synch. Therefore I Re-loaded OS (7/64bit) after setting raid mode in

      bios for SATA drives. Went through all drivers in ASUS motherboard support disk, had boot problem. Started all over, one driver at a time, found intel video to be the fault. Removed it in safe mode and I can now boot with universal PNP

      video. Can NOT run intel driver update utility; hangs IE, Chrome and firefox. Installing the driver manually, or through windows update, causes hang after background picture. This is extremely frustrating!!!! bios is at 0902 (ASUS latest). If I have to rebuild from the OS again, I will shoot myself.

      I am afraid this has something to do with setting RAID mode in the bios. I tried deleting the raid array, but cannot take the sata ports out of raid mode without complete rebuild. (only 2x 2tb hard drives were in RAID). SSDs are on 6gb sata ports, one is boot drive.

      do you have any suggestions? I have found a little bit about the problem searching the web, but nothing I have tried has worked. Some talked about sata 6 controller/driver issues, etc. Not sure where to go next.... I feel the best clue has to do with changing the sata ports from ACHI to RAID mode caused this. What makes changing this setting require an OS reload?????

      For INTEL: Most of the hardware and drivers involved here are yours.   :^)  That said, I'm posting the same note to ASUS...

      Another issue: The resolution and multiple monitor setting functionality in the driver (when I had it working) was a disaster.  I wanted to set a custom screen resolution (to drive my old ED TV in 480P or 1080i), and keep the monitor going.  The resolution setting isn't there, adding a custom can be done BUT THERE IS NO WAY TO SELECT IT!!!  Further it would be very handy to specify different screen resolutions when duplicating the display on both.


      For ASUS:

      I have to register a complaint about the motherboard support disk. I did NOT WANT to install Norton antivirus; I have another product. Therefore, I had to install each driver separately, this was VERY INCONENIENT (especially when having to reload the system!). Also, it would be very handy to have the utility load the LAN driver first, and then go to the internet to check for the latest versions of drivers, rather than having to update the revised ones manually.

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          We have tested the latest generic drivers for the video controller and no similar issues have been seen or detected. Keep in mind that this is a generic drivers. Each motherboard and Original Equipment Manufacturer provides their own set of customized for the products they sell. Therefore we always recommend using the drivers provided by your hardware vendor, not the generic ones on our site.


          Furthermore, in order to troubleshoot this boot issue you should make sure to remove the rest of the hardware that you mentioned that is connected such as the card reader, the wireless keyboard, TV tuner and video capture cards installed.


          As an additional step for troubleshooting, you can try using a previous version of Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology (like version 10.6) and the video driver. They are available on these sites:





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            Dear Diego_Intel,


            I'm all about debugging this problem logically.  ASUS thinks I should RMA the motherboard.  Unless he knows about something wrong in the hardware that he's not saying, I don't think it is a hardware problem.  Read my response to him below.  Looking forward to your thoughts as well (I will add the old driver test to my to do list, but am not optimistic).  I would appreciate it if you would read my whole (original) post in detail and not begin with the finger point to the motherboard manufacturer.  Before I put the disks in RAID mode, I could run Intel's driver update utility and load the display drivers.  Afterward, no go.  And I can cause the system to hang by loading the driver (with disks in RAID via BIOS) and have it come up by starting in safe mode and removing the (intel) display driver.


            Also, did you see my question about why I can't set a custom resolution, or better yet, custom resolutions to 2 displays operating in clone mode?  It is an annoying thing, to be able to define a display with a custom resolution but have NO WAY TO SELECT IT!  Try it!





            Dear Valued Customer,

            Thank you for contacting ASUS Customer Service.

            My name is Andrew and it's my pleasure to help you with your problem.

            It seems a hardware issue,could you find your retailer? If yes, first try to have a further check with your vendor. If this is not possible, you will need to contact our RMA department for assistance.

            1) If you have Internet access, you can visit this website:


            to request an RMA

            Please include your name, mailing address, telephone number, and the serial number of your product.

            2) If you are in the USA or Canada, also, you could call our RMA department at 812-282-2787 (Hours: 5:30am – 9:00pm(PST) support) select option 2 then option 2.  Canada:Canada Phone*: 1-905-370-2787 (French support

            available). Please have the serial number of your ASUS product handy when you call.

            Welcome to refer Troubleshooting & FAQ for ASUS products in ASUS website:


            If you continue to experience issues in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us.

            Best Regards,


            ASUS Customer Service

            Hello Andrew,

            First, I must say that I have typed a response to you two times now and I have hit the TAB key followed by the RETURN key, only to have the message disappear.  That has been inconvenient!

            Second, please know that I am an EE and develop embedded computer devices for my work.

            OK, now back to my problem:

            Why do you believe this is a hardware problem?  I had the system working perfectly well.  Then I decided that I wanted to put 2 HDD's into RAID mode.  Setting the SATA ports to RAID required re-loading the OS.  So I did that.

            Next, when I got to loading the HD display driver, the system would hang in WINDOWS after it had displayed the background image but before any ICONs were on the display.  If I disable the driver in SAFE mode, the system will boot up.  One more interesting symptom is that I can not run the intel driver-checker program in the SATA RAID configuration, however I could run it in the

            Do you have the facilities to duplicate this situation (RAID, load windows 7/64, load intel HD display driver, try to boot.  On the P8Z68-V motherboard.  ???

            I plan to try the following steps and testing the HD display driver at each step. I look forward to your comment.

            1. Remove any and all extra hardware.

            2. Remove all drivers.

            3, Rebuild the OS without SATA RAID set.

            4. Try the HD display driver first.

            Report back to you all!

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              Seems I have found part of the problem with the hanging.  I'm eating a little crow with respect to my disk raid mode story.  (although I have decided to forgo the raid story, so I'll build the system one more time without this mode set going forward)  Anyway, with some driver and hardware unloading and loading, the HDMI to Component video converter seems to be central to the problem.  Although it worked fine (as fine goes, see below) in build 1 of the system, it caused the hang up in builds 2 and 3 with the driver loading.  Apparently it didn't do well trying to communicate with the (multiple resolution capable) converter box (ViewHD VHD-H2YV).  Since the device handles multiple resolutions, perhaps the driver doesn't know what to do with it.


              I sent the following email to the adapter manufacturer, but the evidence remains that it is 1) Difficult to set custom resolutions in the display driver, 2) it is not possible, or at least readily apparent, how tell the system to actually use a custom resolution, 3) when I set the TV in clone mode to use 720p there is an over scan problem with no apparent resolution (no pun intended).  Anyway, see the comments below.  How does one figure out what the intel driver is responsible for, vs the generic windows PNP driver, and how to put one in charge or another?  Quite a mess.  Maybe santa will bring me an HDMI TV for christmas and I'll be out of the quagmire.  Is there a table of full custom display resolution settings (front and back porches, blanking and the rest of the video timings) listed someplace?  Or am I going to the monitor service information and looking this stuff up, dividing by clock rates and coming up with these settings?  Following that, of course, is getting the driver to actually use these numbers.


              If this were the time of the shoguns, there would be legions of developers falling on their swords. Maybe some computer builders, too. :^)


              OK, thanks, Hugh



              OK, thanks for the help.  At least you have tried!  I realize the hardware configuration is too detailed for you to comment on.  Mostly I put that there because I will copy this stuff to the motherboard and intel discussion forums.  Very possible the 1080P is the problem here.  As I said, I am able to get the TV;s to respond when I force the resolution in the driver (intel or windows), however the overscan problem says to me that some part of the system still thinks it is 1080P.  Since you advertise support for 480 and 720 resolutions, I'll assume the problem is not yours!




              U9LTD COM
              1:41 AM (24 minutes ago)

              to me
              I don't think here is way to adjust it.  I think you need to check the scan Hz number from the computer card.
              First, you should try to use some cable,dvd player,.... to make sure that the converter is working right; then move on to your computer to try to match it.


              I am not familar with the computer side, this is too much case by case dependent stuff.  The EDID code in the H2YV is 1080P, so if the video card can read EDID, then it will try to send video in 1080P, according to HDMI protocol, not sure whether this is what happen in a computer case.
              I am really not an expert related to computer video stuff.
              Sorry about this.



              to bpbpusa
              I am having some trouble with my VHD-H2YV, plugged into the HDMI port on my computer.  Running motherboard graphics on an ASUS P8Z68-V motherboard with an i5-2500K processor, windows 7-64 and intel HD graphics family driver  My issues:
              1)  When I set clone displays to 720p for one of my TV's, the TV picture is overscanned and I cannot see the edges (all 4 sides).  Is there a way to adjust this?
              2) I rebuilt the system to change the disks to RAID mode and when finished the system would hang during windows startup whenever the HDMI to the VHD box was plugged in.  After a lot of driver unloading and loading, and pulling hardware in and out, it seems to work better (at least the system is not hanging!)
              3. When I try to select 480p for my other TV, I find that i cannot do it inside the intel driver.  I was able to get something, using the windows generic display settings (bypassing intel, I don't know, it is very confusing what has control of the video at any given time!~!!)  through to the TV (it won't display a picture at all if it doesn't like the signal), but the overscan problem was much worse.
              do you all have any ideas about how to deal with these issues?  Seems it might be time to buy a HDMI TV (finally!).  Purchasing your box to convert to component video will then have been a waste of time and money....  Not sure I'm blaming you or intel or microsoft here.  Seems like the video driver is trying to get the display properties over the HDMI from the VHD box and it can't.  Maybe there is a way to disable this interrogation?