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    Will it run Final Fantasy 14?- Intel HD Graphics


      Can anyone tell me if i can run final fantasy 14 even on low settings?


      Game looks realy good and ive not thought much about if i can run it till now...after i bought it.

      I can play Skyrim which asks for a NIVIDA gpu which clearly i dont have.


      Operating System:Windows 7 Home Premium

      CPU:Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 M380 @2,53ghz


      HDD/SDD Space:320gb

      Graphics Card:Intel HD Graphics


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          We continue to work with the game developers to deliver good game experiences on Intel HD Graphics.  Please see our sample of popular games playable with Intel® HD Graphics 3000/2000 at  http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/intelhdgraphics3000_2000/sb/CS-032052.htm


          By now we have not tested Final fantasy using this video controller so we are not aware of the gaming experience while using this platform.


          We suggest you to check with the game developer to see if the system meets the minimum requirements or to check if they have particularly tested this controller or received any feedback concerning a similar system configuration.

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            And yet another game that is not supported... No surprise !!!


            I thought Intel HD said the consumer/customer can play games on Intel HD, bit hard when the card is not supported...


            Our computers meet the requirments of the game its the onboard video that is either under powered, or not supported... or the drivers crash, hmmmm


            When Intel says " Intel® HD Graphics,1 simplifies your designs by eliminating  additional discrete graphics hardware, while integrating stunning  visuals and performance for immersive2 gaming. " Does this mean checkers or chess, cause the newer video cames are not supported... heh surprised it does not crash in farmville...


            http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/intelhdgraphics3000_2000/sb/CS-032052.htm  These games were last year games and and before, and outdated, We would like support for new games... Can Intel HD not get support? Is someone not doing their job at Intel?


            Last time I checked it was the manufacturers job of the video card to get support for the customer... not for the customer to call the game company and get suppot for the video card... ( Did Intel layoff the wrong people )

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              I managed to get it working, just had to "have disk" update the drivers for the Intel HD since Toshiba seem to have locked the drivers to there own kind.. :/

              Runs ok in towns but slows down majorly in the open world...seriously thinking of changing to something that had a better graphics driver tbh.