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    Help with motherboard please


      I am building a computer and installed an Intel Extreme DP67BG motherboard, Intel I7 2600K 3.40 processor, and 16 GB's of Crucial Ram.  When I started the 1st boot, everything went well and I went into the BIOS to make sure my video card and sound card were set correctly.  I didn't think I changed anything else, and pressed F10, saved and attempted to re-boot, but now the computer starts, beeps once, shuts off, and then starts the boot process again, contining this until I shut off the power.  When the computer starts to boot I see the following numbers/letters on the motherboard light up,

      06 1E 21.    I have removed the battery from the board and let it sit for an hour, re-installed the battery, but I'm still getting no boot on the system.  Can someone please help me with this issue?  I sure hope I didn't mess up the motherboard.

      Thank you.


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          I don't have the mobo you have, but had a similar problem.  The documentation included with the mobo should have a little sheet with what those codes mean.  I looked up the code in mine, and was able to address the issue.  Sorry, can't remember what it was.  Good luck.