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    netbook with 3150 graphics


      my netbook has a 3150 graphics attached to the N450 processor, not a problem


      I am currently using the netbook as a desktop with a 19" screen (1440x900) and I was wondering how big of screen the 3150 can support


      I was hoping that if I get a new screen that the chip can support 1920x1080 which is now very affordable


      usually I use this screen with a gaming rig, which is down due to a motherboard RMA


      so how far can the integrated video go?

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          The Intel(R) video controllers will support any video resolutions within reason that are listed as natively supported on the EDID of the display you connect. However each computer or Original Equipment Manufacturer can limit the range of video resolutions for their systems.


          Therefore in this case, we suggest you to check directly with your netbook manufacturer to see what is the highest resolution that they have tested on the video ports available on your system.

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            HP does not seems to have a forum unlike other vendors.


            I am also disappointed that machine cannot support more than 2 GB of memory (I upgraded to 2 GB)