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    DDR 1600 with i7 950



      i'm buing a computer with i7 950 that works with memorys up to 1066 but i was thinking of buying a 1600 SDRAM. The motherboard will be an asus p6x58d-e and i would like to know if is it possible to use all the 1600 memory. maybe via overclock or something regarding the motherboard?



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          Since the processor supports up to 1066 MHz, the RAM will be running only up to 1066 MHz, so I see no point on installing RAM running at 1600 MHz.

          Keep in mind that Intel does not recommend any kind of over-clocking since that will void the warranty of the processor. Keep in mind that the memory controller hub is embedded on the processor, so forcing it to support above 1066 MHz, will void the warranty.