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    HD2000 Black screen or wrong resolution (1024x768) after hibernating -> PC connected via HDMI to my Samsung TV




      I'm using a PC with an ASRock H67M together with an Intel i3-2100T (HD2000).

      The PC is connected via HDMI cable to a Denon AVR 1311 and the Denon is

      conncected via HDMI to a Samsung TV, which supports FullHD resolution.


      Sometimes when I wake up the PC from hibernating, I only get a black screen

      or the resolution is set to 1024x768 instead of 1920x1024. When I unplug the

      HDMI cable and plug it in again everythings ok again.


      I tested the following two driver versions of the HD2000:


      Both had the same behavior. I'm running Windows 7 (32bit).


      Any ideas what the reason of this behavior could be and how to fix it?


      Best regards,