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    Checksum utility disguised as virus


      I wanted to post this on Connect at MS.

      But it not politely asked me to register for Forefront Security...  And then it'll be considered.


      the utlity does sha1 and md5 checking.


      it's called hashmyfiles.zip.


      After closing the simple application, i went to home page and then the AV asked to quarantine it.


      virus! darn it..jpg


      Note the differential between size and size on disk.  size on disk should be larger.  i flagged it has another point as malware.

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          Assembly command check_sum is not included in educational book in class rooms in usa.  And more...


          And I have weird error for a PPC laptop that has an older BIOS (weird alien protection).  If i try to boot it with an OS CD (not DVD reading) that didn't do a checksum (i was doing MD5 on command prompt) then it throws a decrementer exception on the screen and it feels the system admin hit me.



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