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    Intel 4500MHD: Higher power consumption after standby


      Hi there!


      I'm currently using a Thinkpad X200 with Intel 4500MHD graphics, which is exhibiting a strange set of symptoms:


      When the machine is woken from standby, power consumption is higher than usual. Lenovo's Power Manager utility shows that the idle wattage hovers around 9W instead of the usual 6.5W, and Windows' built-in battery runtime estimation reflects this change as well (showing about 1.5h runtime instead of the usual ~2.5h with the small battery - on the 9-celll it's something like 6 vs. 9 hours, which is a *huge* difference). During the high power consumption phase, C4 (CPU Idle State) chirping is not audible - in normal battery operation, it is audible, leading me to believe that the lack of C4 is causing the actual power consumption here.


      My current workaround for this is to disable and reenable the display driver using the Device Manager (restarting the driver with devcon.exe also works). After this, power consumption goes straight back down to normal...


      I've tried the latest few drivers direct from Intel's download center and am running the latest one as of now (x.x.x.2555). I've also tried all the Lenovo drivers I could get my hands on, and they all also exhibited this behaviour. The system also exhibits this behaviour with a completely fresh install of Windows and just the barebones drivers...


      1. Is this a known issue? I'm finding it hard to believe that the Thinkpad X200 is the only hardware configuration affected by this bug

      2. Any ideas for further troubleshooting? Is it possible that the display driver is conflicting with something else while coming out of standby? Maybe the monitor driver?




      Thinkpad X200

      Core2Duo P8400


      2x4GB of DDR3

      1TB Samsung Spinpoint M8


      Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, fully updated


      Latest Lenovo drivers for everything except the display driver (see above).



      I'm really hoping someone can help me out here... rearranging my windows after restarting the display driver every time I use sleep mode is driving me up the wall. Thanks in advance!

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          We have not received any previous report of this issue with our drivers or graphics controllers.


          Please bear in mind, these graphics drivers are generic, they might work or not properly in your system, Intel always recommends using drivers developed by your system manufacturer because they have been customized according to its specifications.


          As an additional troubleshooting step,  you may considering a BIOS update to this system or test a previous graphics driver version.





          Dago MC.