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    DG31PR BIOS update problems, help please.


      I have DG31PR motherbpard and I'm currently using Windows 7 x64 but I'm not able to update bios through the 3 types of bios downloads on Intel downloads page.They either gve programming error or Operating system version error, what should I do?

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          Verify that you have a retail Intel board and not an OEM one (the Intel board ID tool should be able to tell you this if you download and run it). Intels BIOS updates are only for their own boards and not OEM customised ones.


          What is wrong that makes you think a BIOS upgrade is required? Have you read the notes about what improvements and fixes are available in newer versions. Some older BIOS versions on some boards cannot be upgraded directly to the very latest version and there may need to be an intermediate step upgrade first - the notes on the BIOS download page pdfs should detail any such requirements that may apply.