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    Intel Management Engine v. driver or Firmware?




      I am about to build my new intel system based on the Intel DZ68DB Motherboard which I decided to buy and the Core I5 2500K. First thing for me is to upgrade the Bios and Drivers, so that everything is up to date. There is something I want to ask.


      As I was browsing in the Intel download center I located the Driver called " Intel Management Engine Driver version" (Release date 08/29/2011). Is it the same as the "ME Firmware update" which is included in the latest v. 0032 Bios Update, or is it something different?  Do i need them both?

      Also I would like to know if it's better to update Drivers or Bios first. An answer from an expert (or everybody who knows) would be really valuable!


      Thank you very much!