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    Processor Problem


      Well... i'm having an problem with my processor, it's an Intel Core i5 2410M, every game that I try to play works okay for an time but the processor simply enter in economic mode and stop, my game just become impossible to play, but after a time the processor "start" again, can anyone help me?

      Sorry for the bad english.

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          I would suggest disabling the Enhance Intel SpeedStep® Technology feature from the BIOS of your laptop, if you do not know how to access the BIOS of your laptop please contact the laptop manufacturer.

          Usually the menu option on called “EIST” but the laptop manufacturer might have changed the name of the option.


          Also run the Intel® Processor Identification Utility to determine if the processor is being properly recognized by the system.

          You can download the Intel® Processor Identification Utility at: