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    Closed loop liquid cooling for servers


      Its going to be my 1st time to build a server from parts. I'm spearheading a virtualitation initation for our company (SMB). blades/rack servers are over our budget so I'm building from parts making sure that the parts are compatible to VMware ESXi 4.1 / 5. I would like to use a closed loop liquid cooling system from Antec


      Parts in mind:

      Motherboard - Intel® Server Board S3420GPV


      Processor -

      Intel® Xeon® Processor X3480 (3.06 GHz) [Option 1]
      Intel® Xeon® Processor X3470 (2.93 GHz) [Option 2]

      Cooling System -

      Antec Kühler H2O 920


      Please let me know what are your thoughts/suggestions about this and if you have better suggestions.