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    Skype Hates The D510MO Motherboard


      Following the lead of Leo Laporte on twit.tv, I tried to create a Skyeasaurus computer (used to host a Skype call for a broadcast). HERE is the motherboard that Leo used. It has an Atom 330 processor. Since that motherboard was not available, I assumed that the D510MO with an Atom D510 processor would be as good or better. It's not. Skype reports that the computer is running slowly even though nothing else is running. The results are the same whether I use Windows XP or Windows 7 Professional. Video is not activated. The computer has 2GB of memory.


      With great aggravation, I was able to update the BIOS from 311 to the latest, after going through 400 first. The update did not make any difference. While it is totally possible that this computer is not robust enough to run Skype, I find it hard to believe that it is not robust enough to run an audio-only version of Skype. (It is axiomatic that Skype is buggy, but I tried versions 4.2, 5.3, and 5.5. They are act the same.)


      If you have this motherboard, would you try Skype to see if your motherboard hates it? If you have a suggestion for solving the problem, please post it. At this point, I assume the only option is to find a new motherboard that will fit into the mini ITX case.