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    Splash screen missing when using two monitors  Intel DP43TF


      I have been using an Intel DP43TF board for about two years now.  When I first installed it a colorful Intel splash screen along with the logo on the lower right corner was shown at atartup.  Then a short time later this splash screen stopped showing.  I always wondered why but never paid any attention.  Then a few weeks ago I had to replace my monitor and all of a sudden the splash screen reappeared after two years.  I later realized that the splash screen appears when only one monitor is connected.  I normally have my regular monitor (primary) and a 32-inch HDTV as secondary monitor.  I originally had my main monitor in the VGA port and the HDTV in the DVI port of my video card.  The new monitor is now on the DVI port and for a few weeks I did not have the TV connected (needed a DVI-HDMI adapter in order to reconnect TV to HDMI port in the video card using same cable).  When I finally reconnected the TV as secondary monitor the splash screen disappeared again.


      Why is this?  My video card is an ATI Radeon HD4350.


      This is not a big deal but I am really curious as to why this happens.