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    Support Intel DX58SO was discontinued?


      Support Intel DX58SO was discontinued?



      I ask this because on page DX58SO Intel drivers, the drivers offered are scarce and old, since storage drivers, chipset, network and audio  I'm downloading from third party sites like Wikidrivers: http://br.wikidrivers.com/wiki/Página_principal


      I find this lamentable one since mine board I bought in 2010 and  the same one was launched in the 2008 end.


      They would have the least to respect  the stated period of guarantee that is of 3 years in mine case and in the case  of many customers who had bought this here board in Brazil.


      With exception of the center of downloads of the product, exists  some another one link where I can lower these drivers of the site of  Intel?


      Sorry about my english!


      Thanks a lot!!!!!!

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          I'm not sure if you visited the link below:




          These are the most up-to-date drivers available for your motherboard.


          The audio drivers are dated 15-September-2011, the BIOS is dated 15-May-2011, and the chipset drivers are dated 22-April-2011.  Interestingly enough, these chipset drivers are the same version found on the other site you had posted (


          I would download and install them from Intel instead of another site.

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            Hi, Dryne!


            Thank you for your help!


            In fact, this page of my Intel DX58SO is  constantly open in my browser Opera, see:  http://www.intel.com/p/pt_BR/support/highlights/dsktpboards/dx58so


            And my  Intel Core i7 920 also, see:  http://www.intel.com/p/pt_BR/support/highlights/processors/corei7dt


            Today,  Intel released the 16.7 driver network card, see this link:  http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?ProductID=3018&DwnldID=20679&lang=por&iid=dc_rss


            As  for the other drivers, they are outdated page of the Intel DX58SO, especially  the chipset drivers and storage.


            I noticed that my Intel DX58SO Intel  still has bugs and does not provide BIOS updates to correct it.


            Thank you!

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              Hi, Dryne!


              What are they talking about this topic? http://communities.intel.com/message/73569#73569



              Can you tell me?


              Thank you!


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                The thread you posted contains two interesting items:


                1) The DX58SO motherboard only has four memory slots and cannot run tripple channel memory as advertised.  The most memory you can install is 16GB. This was a complaint and should not be a concern to you.


                2) Some DX58SO motherboards had a design defect that were not supposed to have been shipped.  The defect was related to the SATA ports that do not work under certain instances.  If your SATA devices all work without issue, I would not worry about this if I was you.


                I used to own a DX58SO motherboard with my previous i7 960.  I actually ran it with Super Talent 1600 memory that ran at 1600MHz.  I never had any issues with this motherboard since owning it.


                The replacement for this motherboard, which is the DX58SO2, is another story.  I have had nothing but problems with my DX58SO2, and the RMAs Intel sent me were worse than the boards they replaced.  Due to my experience with the DX58SO2 motherboard, I have stopped purchasing and using Intel motherboards.  I now use a GigaByte motherboard that is more stable and of a higher quality than these newer X58 Intel motherboards.

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                  Sorry to hear about your problems with the DX58SO2.  Like you I had the DX58SO, and it was fine.  I now have it dedicated to running OpenSuse to work from home once in a while.  The DX58SO2 runs my Win7 stuff (as you commented on).  Except for the little issue with the win7 backup, I've had no problems (except those that I created ).  Admittedly, I'm not overclocking it much and really use it only for web surfacing and running MS Office stuff.

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                    In my next purchase , I will not buy anymore motherboard or Intel processors because I came to the conclusion that Support Intel is unacceptable , Intel soon discontinues its products and the leaves very quickly , always with an emphasis on products younger , that customers who paid dearly for a motherboard or processor ends up being hampered by this lack of support from Intel !
                    The DX58SO motherboard still has serious bugs and which has not been fixed and I think this is an abuse and a great lack of respect for the customer to buy a product that is targeting the company and not think anything of just this type of treatment, paid dearly for a product that still has bugs and that sucks!

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                      Very helpful to know about this lack of support. I've been pretty happy with my DX58SO mobo but now I'm ready to build a new computer and trying to decided which motherboard to go with. Was about to choose another Intel but now I'm going to look elsewhere.

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                        Hello all !
                        It continues a shameful situation for anyone who has the Intel DX58SO motherboard !
                        Intel definitely failed to give proper support for this model of motherboard , since I've been seeing that Intel dispobilizou drivers SATA / RAID / AHCI and other chipset motherboards, but for Intel DX58SO , nothing, nothing , nothing, nothing , nothing, nothing , nothing, nothing , nothing, nothing , nothing, nothing , nothing, nothing , nothing, nothing , nothing!
                        And for those unaware , this Intel DX58SO is still full of bugs !
                        This is a shame !
                        Hugs $ !